Thursday, April 22, 2010


Dean had to work in Chicago this past weekend so we all decided to tag along. None of us have ever been into the city and this was the first time we have been somewhere that we had no tour guide and seriously no idea where we were going. It was pretty funny but I think we did alright. I'm sure we missed quite a bit but we had fun anyways. Very cool city by the way. I would like to go back and explore with just Dean. The picture by the building was my attempt at the Sears Tower. I think we got a little close. I am definitely no photographer.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

To The Hunts

As I've mentioned before this is my very favorite day of the year. Even the snow can't stop us, in fact it makes it that much more fun because besides the normal madness of the hunts, there are children slipping and sliding this way and that. Once again, my well-trained offspring did not disappoint! I barely even had to steal any other kids candy this year. I told my mom that I didn't have to help Wade even once but looking back on the video, maybe I helped just a little. While Gabe was watching he asked me why I kept picking stuff up and putting it in his bag. He said, "Mom, that's CHEATING!" I know how grateful they all are for their excellent egg hunting role model! My mom kindly reminded them all though how this was nothing compared to the egg hunt of '04 when their mother was yelled at over the loud speaker for crossing the line with the other small children, "No Parents Allowed!!" I have just decided that I've got to get an adults only egg hunt going for next year.

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