Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Limbo Rock!

We celebrated Paige's birthday Saturday (a week early) with an exciting LUAU. She invited all of her best little friends to come Hula with her. I seriously lucked out by having an awesome mom who knows awesome people. She had some friends of her come, Sati, Mapu, and Tupu, who recently moved here from Hawaii to make flower clips with the girls and teach them how to dance. It was such a great party. You've never seen so many eyes light up when Mapu and Tupu performed for them. We finished off the party with a yummy lunch, a hula hoop and limbo contest, and sand art. Thanks to everyone who helped out!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

School Days

First day of the first and third grade! They were bouncing off the walls with excitement, I was not. They are growing up way too fast. They looked pretty dang good though!

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Gabe got be be part of a junior golf association all summer with his good buddy Parker. They golfed once a week for the entire summer, then finished off with a tournament and banquet. They were both intense and wanted to do their very best every week. I have to say this is the first activity that my any of my kids have done that I am so sad to see come to an end.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Cousins Weekend

Kate and Tate got to come and spend a few days with us while mom and dad took a little trip. We did a ton of fun stuff and they all loved getting to have three sleepovers in a row. We love these kids so much and miss them already!

Walking on the parkway

Painting Swirly Stones

Kate and Paige are the best of friends and are so cute together

Sidewalk chalk paint

I think this was the highlight of the weekend. I'm a little sad the picture didn't turn out so well and I took it before they all got so wet. The firefighters were out practicing their water spraying techniques which they do every once in awhile in the church parking lot. Well, we are special enough to know Uncle Dane the Fireman so he pulled some strings and had them spray the water right on top of our house. Have you ever been sprayed by a fire hose? I would describe it as a monsoon. My house, yard, cars, dog, and children were DRENCHED! It was awesome!

Ice Treasure Hunts. Have you done these? If you want something to take up some time and keep your kids very busy, hide treasures in ice sculptures. They loved it.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ballerina Girl

Paige's ballet company took a little break during the summer so she was so excited to start back up again yesterday. She loves her ballet class. She has such a beautiful teacher and all of the girls are so adorable.

Fishy Fishy

We kind of skipped out on a camping trip this summer, which we usually do at least one, so we decided to take the kids up for one day of fishing at the lake. For some reason there is nothing I love more than being up away from everything where the kids can just explore and play in the dirt. It was a fun day.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Camp and Grandma's House

Gabe got to go to a BYU sports camp this past week with his friend Nate. He had the time of his life. He loved being coached by all the "real" coaches that he sees on tv and playing in all of the places that the "real" players play. It was such a good experience for him. In the meantime we all got to spend a little much needed time at Grandma's house with the cousins. I am so thankful my kids have so many fun cousins that they can be friends with. We love them all so much!

This is the Indoor Practice Field where they spent a lot of their time. It wasn't there back in my day. It is such a cool building!

Paige loved playing mommy to Olive. She told me that she wishes Olive could be her sister.

These two were pretty much doing something silly the entire time we were there. They are so cute.

This is Hazel. We became good friends. I love her!

It's so much fun when Grandma's house has a park right outside. Wade was in heaven.

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