Saturday, June 12, 2010

It's Summer!

We aren't getting a whole lot of summer where we live so we decided to head to the warmth. We took a trip with my family (minus my brother, boo!) to sunny Las Vegas and St. George. Las Vegas is our very favorite place to vacation, as most of you well know. It was so fun for the kids to be there with their cousins. We swam, got sunburned, swam some more, saw some free shows, played some games, shopped, and then head to St. George. It was free day at Zion and my kids have never been so we decided to try it out. It was such a perfect pretty day to go. One of my children did not enjoy it at all and we had a minor family meltdown, but all in all it was a great trip!

Wade either had his sunglasses or goggles on the entire trip. He thought he was so awesome in the airport because he got to pull a suitcase for the first time. It was pretty funny.

They had so much fun swimming with Nana and Papa. Thanks to them the parents got a little laying out time.

Such cute girls!

Laying on the street watching the Freemont Street Experience. Yes, they are laying right on the street. Pretty gross I know but it was a perfect view. Have you been to this show? Go, if you haven't!

Tate and Wade must have sat here and squirted people for hours.

The Bellagio Gardens. Paige loved these. They were so pretty.

Playing in the river and Weeping Rock at Zion.

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