Sunday, December 16, 2007

Winter Fun

The kids had so much fun in our first snow storm. Paige especially could stay out there forever.


The Steel's said...

Your blog looks great. This will be fun. I am glad you erased my "cool" comment.

Alison said...

yay for you guys getting a blog!! we are actually staying here after mike graduates, so we will be around. we need to have a big get together with everyone here in utah.

gmalarsen said...

Hi Im home sick today. I caught a nasty cold and just couldnt get myself ready. I have slept all morning so now I feel better and thought I would take time to look at the Blogs. It is so fun. I wish I could go with you to Hawaii. Maybe some day. We love the pictures of wade and the kids. Some of them come up on our screen saver and it makes my day. What a great mom you are. It is still a mystery to me that Dane and Dean are such Opera lovers. Grandma Mae must have left some of that for them. She was the star of severaol operas when she was young. Love Ya, Grandma Larsen

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