Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Coupon Code Secret

Okay so this is not my idea, it came from my sister Ashley and I'm sure some of you already know the secret but if you don't, you need to hear it. So if you ever need to buy anything online, which I will probably buy everything online now because of this, you can find Coupon Codes off the internet that can save you some big bucks. So let's pretend you're shopping online at The Gap. Just type into your browser Coupon Codes Gap and tons of sites will come up that provide the codes. My favorite one is RetailMeNot.com. It's the one where I've had the most luck. They have free shipping, discounts, free gifts with purchases, and much more. Just get the code and then type it in at checkout. Some don't work so you have to play around with it. I swear it works. I just got a free $60 pair of pants at Express plus free shipping from one of these codes. Try it!!!
PS...I know the picture has nothing to do with online shopping, I just liked it.


TK said...

HOW great is that!! Thanks so much for passing it along. Ok so what is the coupon code to express I want it!!

The Steel's said...

What..how dare you give away my tip like it isn't a sisterly secret. Just kidding! I am glad you share! I actually got it many many years ago from someone on TV, so it isn't really my tip. I love the free shipping ones especially. I love the coupon you chose, very authentic!

LoGunns said...

YES!!! Thanks for sharing. I don't have TV to watch 90210.

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