Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My Squishy Squishy Squash

I love this time of year for one reason, Squishy Squash. If you're wondering what in the world I'm talking about, let me explain. Squishy Squash is an old time family favorite that goes back to my great grandma Olds at least. I have probably eaten it a hundred or so times and I still get excited for the first yellow crook necked squash that pops out every year in the garden. My mom and grandma both have made the dish over and over for me and I swear it's better everytime I eat it. I have still not been able to master it like they have. However Paige begged me to make her Squishy Squash at 10am yesterday morning so I must be doing something right. I wouldn't exactly call it a recipe, considering the fact that it's pretty much squash and butter, it's just all in the way you cook it. So I'm letting you all in on the step by step guide to our family famous Squishy Squash.

1 - Cut yellow squash (onion optional but preferred)
2 - Cook yellow squash in lots of butter until it's soft enough to mash with fork
3 - Add lots more butter and salt and pepper
4 - Make it even less fattening by topping it off with melted cheese
5 - Mush some more in your bowl and ENJOY!

PS...If you're looking for a healthy squash recipe, this is not it.


Nikki said...

it's back! I totally agree we should all meet up for a weekend, leave the kids with the hubbys and catch up. We could maybe go to like Park City and shop the outlets and just hang out. But I am open to whatever even a girls night out.

Dalyce said...

Hey Dean and Jamie, I saw your blog link from Sharlet's. It is fun to see what you've been up to! I hope everything is going well for you guys!

The Steel's said...

I too love squishy squash, but I do it a little differently to cut back on the calories. Instead of all the butter, I use chicken consumme and water and it thickens it up so yummy! But the butter way is fab too!

The Steel's said...

Hey and why did you not call me back today? You are usually so good at responding to my 50 calls per day. I figure since you are a blogging maniac this might be the best way to reach you. Here are my thoughts:
1- what does Paige want for her birthday?
2- I found some medium sized muffin cups at Walmart, just white ones. There are in between regular and mini.
3- Katelyn is out of preschool so let's sit down and have a serious discussion about when we will be getting together.

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