Thursday, September 4, 2008

Let The Celebration Begin!

The day has finally arrived. My little Princess Paige is 5. Yes, she is my Princess today and I only get one Princess so I am allowing myself to spoil her rotten. We started off our morning with an early trip to Village Inn for their yummy strawberry crepes. It was here that the shiny new princess bike was revealed. Paige is most excited for this bike being that the tire on her old one is ruined and she loves riding bikes. We had to do everything super early this morning so Dean could head off to work. That's about it for today but stay tuned for more fun with our exciting carnival party!


Mindi D said...

She is a princess and you should spoil her rotten! We're getting excited for the carnival!!

The Millers said...

I wish I had a princess to spoil! Happy birthday! Thanks for the tip on the squash. Our squash plant went crazy this year and we have only been eating it one way, so anything new is great! And thanks for the coupon tips too. I knew you could get codes, but never thought to google it!

Nikki said...

Happy Birthday to your beautiful princess! I agree go ahead and spoil that girl, how could not she is just to darn cute not to. That is so cute that you got up real early to take her to breakfast and make her day special! What a lucky girl.

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