Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Nothing's Wrong With Your Kid!

My morning started off with a trip to the doctor's office. Wade has not slept well the past two nights and last night he was up every hour or so with a fever. I decided it was definitely an ear infection so I called in. It is always a big decision for me on whether or not to head to the doc's office because I hate more than anything going in, paying $20 and leaving with a big fat "Nothing's Wrong With Your Kid!" This morning though I was certain something was wrong so I headed in without hesitation. Wade was so excited to see the toys in the lobby and started playing, but everything went downhill when the nurse called his name. As soon as he saw her he started screaming and seriously did not stop until the entire visit was over. When the doctor came in and began listening to his heart, you would have thought someone was sticking needles all over the child's body. Anyways, she checked his ears and found nothing. She proceeded to check his throat by sticking the wooden stick in his mouth and Wade instantly vomited all over both me and the doctor! It was disgusting. And so the story goes, I left the office covered in puke and a big fat, "Nothing's Wrong With Your Kid!"


Sharlet said...

Oh, I hate that too Jaime. Last time I took Addy to the doctor because the inside of her mouth had chunks of white stuck to her tounge and the roof of her mouth. I thought she had thrush. It took hours of waiting, crying, arrainging rides to school and of course the $20 co-pay and of course, nothing was really wrong with her. Just a weird cold. The rest of my day was ruined!
Sorry you had to go through all that! I totally feel your pain!

Mindi D said...

Ooo I HATE that! There is OBVIOUSLY something wrong with him! Grrr!!

The Millers said...

Been there, hate that! It's always the same "just watch it and see if anything changes." Drives me crazy!

Sharlet said...

Well, you asked about Maui, so here goes... First, if you guys are going to Maui I am so jealous. Maui is better than Paris for me. The Sheraton Kaanapali was incredible too. It had a beautiful stretch of beach and also a great cliff for jumping. And their pools were fabulous. There were two main big pools, an adult one and child one and then they were connected by some winding pool pathes and smaller pools, if that makes sense. The pool was may girls' very favorite part. There was even a little slide. We got an incredible deal there too with AAA. It was like $160/night. We even got free breakfast one mornings. The breakfast buffet by the way was incredible, fruit, cakes, omlets, french toast, breakfast burritos and everything else you can thins of wanting for breakfast. And speaking of food you have to try Aloha Mixed Plate while you are there. Delicious, authentic and inexpensive. Back to the hotel though, it was beautiful and perfect for the family. We would for sure go back and highly recommend it.

P.S. What is UEA?

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