Thursday, September 18, 2008

Turtle Time

My little boy brought this adorable Turtle Time book home from the school library yesterday. It's a story of a little girl and her pet turtle friend. The pictures are so cute. I loved it!


The Steel's said...

you are a blogging maniac lately. I knew you would love it. I will have to check out this book, I love a good turtle read.

The Godfreys said...


I saw your comment on our blog. I am glad you found us. It is also fun to see your family and hear about all the adventures that keep you family busy. Keep in Touch.


vegashollands said...

Thanks for the book post. I am always looking for cute books. I love your new layout. Where did you find it?

The Steel's said...

Dude, what has gotten into you? Now a new template. You are a mom blogger fa sha.

The Steel's said...

You should post about that folic acid article too. I am trying to increase my calcium now that you told me that, I ate lots of cheese for dinner. I am kinda frightened about the future of my bod.

A 'n D said...

would your friends be the stokers?? i keep meaning to tell you we saw them at a party last month - nate is good friends with my cousin, and he was telling us he's been good friends with dean & just that they know you guys. so, i've known nate since college, but this was the first time i've met his wife.
anyhow! if you have some contacts, we always appreciate new leads!

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