Sunday, September 28, 2008

Wadey Bug

My cute Wade has been tagged so here are 5 things about him...
1 - He likes to swat flies! He carries our purple fly swatter around all day and wacks things with it pretending he's getting flies and then laughs his head off at himself.
2 - He weighed 2 lbs. 14 oz. at birth. Yowza!
3 - He yells. I think because he's the 3rd child he thinks that no one is listening to what he has to say so everything he says, he screams it. He also likes when we yell or jump out and scare him or play really loud music.
4 - He loves bananas. He'd have 50 a day if he could.
5 - If he doesn't want something, instead of saying no and just handing it back he has to chuck it as far as he possibly can. And then he laughs of course.
Wade has been my most unique child of all. He's funny and feisty and definitely knows what he wants. He can make all of us laugh like no child ever has and then on the other hand he can make us all run crying to our rooms. I am most excited to watch him grow and see the person he becomes. We love you Wade.
Wade Tags
Hazel G.
Cameron S.
Addy D.
Natalie L.
Nate P.


The Steel's said...

I love little Waders..he is such a funny guy. I love his shouting, he will fit in well with our family. Thanks for tagging my kid..what the heck? see if I ever tag you again because you never do mine. And I will never invite you over for Caramel Pear Pudding either. and I will never have you walk with us on the forest of no return? Revenge is sweet! I actually think I have already done that same tag for Taters so it is okay, I will let it slide!

Mindi D said...

Wow, you made your sister pretty upset! Ha ha that's funny! Well if you read this Ashley, I officially tag Katelyn! So get to it then! I'll be waiting to read! Wade is so cute and BIG it's hard to believe he weighed 2 lbs at birth! That's crazy!!

The Millers said...

That's a pretty cute tag. You little boy is so cute and sounds like he must be pretty fun. My Blake loves bananas too - he wants them all the time. And I think it's great - super easy and healthy too! I just hope there's no such thing as potassium overload.

Sharlet said...

Wade sounds so cute and funny. Our third is brimming with personality and can give us a run for our money, so maybe it's the number order. Who knows. Cute post though.

LoGunns said...

This made me laugh. I love Wade.

The Steel's said...

You should watch Dr. 90210, it is crazy! Are you on the computer right now?

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