Saturday, October 18, 2008

Camera Crave

Do any of you have one of these Flip video cameras? This one is the Mino. It's another thing that's been added to my Dear Santa list. Wow, I just realized Santa's gonna have to be loaded this year to keep up with me. Maybe I'll have to give him a little shimmy and sing him his favorite song...Been an awful good girl Santa Baby...Anyways, back to the camera, if you have one, let me know what you think of it. I'm mostly concerned about the video quality.


Karina said...

i saw your post about the flu vaccine and i don't know if you've already given your family it or not but i wanted to give you another perspective to all the other comments that were a yeah to getting it. i am a no! first, many flu vaccinations have mercury and formaldehyde in them. second, unless you or you kids get sick a lot of have low immune sytems the flu vaccination is unnecessary. i am typically against most vaccinations but if you want to know more info. read this book called The Vaccination Book by Dr. Sears. It is informative and helps you make your own descions after he gives you all the info. about the vaccination, what's in it, and about the disease.

The Steel's said...

dude, you are becoming a true mommy blogger huh! I like it! I have nothing to say regarding the camera.

Mindi D said...

I also have nothing to say about the camera. Don't have one..probably never will. I am still mad you went to disneyland without us! I may have to talk to Koy about breaking it off with Paige.. :)

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