Thursday, October 16, 2008

Get Ready

It's almost here and we're excited! Ashley and I will be getting tickets hopefully opening day and taking the girls if anyone wants to join us.


The Steel's said...

Yippeee!! Love it and can't wait. You know I have a big ole crush on troy. Can't wait can't wait! And neither can my daughter I should add.
Thanks for getting rid of the word verification thing, so lame!

The Steel's said...
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Sharlet said...

I know! I know! I am so out of it! I still haven't seen 1 or 2! Tom and I have said multiple times that we really need to though.

Mindi D said...

We already have tickets! You can get them at, they have a lot of showtimes on Friday plus the midnight one on Thurday night.. We are going at 4:30 because the cousins have school and we want to go with them but they have earlier ones, probably won't be as crowded!! I am VERY excited but a little dissapointed it's not just on tv, that's so much better!!

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