Saturday, October 11, 2008

One More Thing

Sorry to be using my blog as a classifieds, but I splurged on these baby items thinking that I would be having more children, and since I'm not I really want them to go to people I know. This is a gorgeous cherry rocking cradle that I bought for Wade. As you can see I love it so much that it's still in my bedroom. I was going to keep it for my grandchildren, but if anyone wants it I will sell the cradle and bedding for $100. I paid about $160 for both. The brand is Sorelle if you want to look it up.


A 'n D said...

i may be interested...i'll let you know!
oh! i was hoping to see you this weekend, but i saw a really cute white vanity thru simply shabby chic at target...i'm not sure if you found one yet, but this one was only $100.

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