Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Paige was tagged the other day and I am just getting around to it. Here are 5 things about her...

1 - She is the GIRL of all GIRLS. This is something exciting for me because I was not a girly girl. Paige loves flowers, the color pink, makeup, princesses, jewelery, baby dolls, dress up, shopping... you get the point. It's been fun for me though because she's actually brought the girl out of me.
2 - She is a kid at heart. I always say Paige has so much kid in her. She has no worries and thinks everything is fun. She always has a smile on her face. I find her playing alone a lot during the day and she's usually twirling, or making a flower bouquet, or talking to her bug friends. She's very content.
3 - She loves her friends. If you ask her who her best friend is, she names off about 50 and she thinks they are all so special.
4 - She wants short hair. She has been begging me to let her cut her hair short and her reason is that, "All of the cute girls have short hair Mom!" No offense to all you girls with long hair including myself. I have to admit I like it better long because it's easier to me, but she will not hear of it.
5. She loves to tumble. She started tumbling class a few months ago and is doing so well with it. I really can't keep her right side up any more. She even watches tv upside down. At first I was unsure because she can be clumsy and at times appears to have 2 left feet, but she has done so great. She just got her back walkover yesterday is working on her back handspring.
Paige Tags...
Lia G.
Olivia L.
Ansley P.
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Rexton S.
Grace and Lilly D.


Nikki said...

She sounds like such a cutie! I love that she is such a girly girl, that's fun.

LoGunns said...

We love Paige!

The Steel's said...

Cute little Paigee, we love her! She for sure is the girliest girl ever. She has brought so much joy into our family, especially Katelyn's.

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