Monday, November 17, 2008

The Quick Brown Fox Jumped Slyly Over The Lazy Dog

Do you recognize that phrase? It's a phrase I have probably typed one million times in my life. I remember sitting in my mom's office at her typewriter while she worked typing the phrase over and over again. That famous phrase is the perfect practice sentence for people looking to increase their typing speed because it includes every letter of the alphabet. I am a typer. Not a writer, I said a typer. I love to type. I have a huge passion for it. Don't ask me why. I have people asking me why I blog so much and how I find time to do it. Well the reason is that it's mostly for the typing, and yes because I like all of you, but still mostly for the typing. I'm addicted to it. I wish I were a writer because if I were I'd have a quiet corner spot in my bedroom with an Old Typewriter like this one and every night I'd go in before bed and type my heart away. You know the movie, You've Got Mail where the guy's in love with his typewriter, well that's me but I don't have a typewriter, but if I did I'd be in love with it too.


Becky said...

A few years ago my father-in-law was trying to get rid of an old typewriter, wish I would have known then.


i remember that sentence from Typing class :)

wowza... that was like 15 years ago... eeek! i'm getting old!

my kids saw an OLD typewriter like that the other day and were like--WHAT IS THAT?!?!!?!

i'm like --"it's a typewriter. that is what i used to use!"

they laughed a little to hard and a little too long!

I was like "geee... i am only 30!"

for some reason that made them laugh even harder!!!!

kids.... gotta luv 'em ♥

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