Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Your Just Like Your Mother!

So I know the election's over and personally, I'm glad. Time to move forward. But I wanted to comment on something I found interesting this week. G came home from school on Monday and told us that he voted for John McCain in his class election. I asked him why he voted that way and he had no idea. He was just so excited about his vote because his guy won! Now keep in mind I have never talked to G about which way I was voting. I'm positive he just voted that way because most of the class did. He went on to tell us that everyone in the class voted for McCain except for 3 people and all the kids who voted for McCain won. I found this interesting because I know they did that big Nickelodeon kids poll recently and Obama won! He's supposed to be very popular with the younger generation. I then attended a church activity today and that was the first thing that was brought up was how upset all the girls were about the turnout of the election! Now we know Utah is strongly Republican and McCain obviously won here but I just find it interesting how quickly the environment they grow up in rubs off on them. Just a thought!


Mindi D said...

We had bunko tonight and some girls were talking about their kids coming home saying things like 'obama is going to take our baby away' and 'mom you know obama is going to kill us' I couldn't believe it! I am a Mccain fan, or was i guess, but i couldn't believe these 1st and 2nd graders were talking that way! It's scary!

Thomas Nicholson said...

Even in my jr. high classes, the kids seemed to pretty much side in same direction their parents did. Even if they hated their parents.

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