Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas Village

We took the kids down to Christmas Village today. Now, I must first say before I start this post that the kids had a great time. They thought the little houses full of working elves were magical just as I did as a little girl. They ran from house to house full of excitement with smiles on their faces. However, from a mother's perspective...no offense to my favorite O-Town...not quite the magic I had remembered. First off all, I'm sorry to say, I was a little bit frightened for my life. I didn't really feel safe there. Second, the outside of the little houses were as cute as ever and they had done such a good job on all of the lights, but it honestly looked like they just threw a bunch of old toys into the houses. It was really disappointing to me. It made me a little sad because I'm all about supporting local activities that help to clean up the city, but I don't think I'll be rushing back to this one. Have any of you been this year? What did you think?
*Miss K was with us today but was in no mood for pics.


Mindi D said...

I have to say from looking at your pictures, maybe the problem was that you went in the day? It's much better at night with the lights on i'm thinking..Ha Ha! We do go every year and my kids love it but i'm with you, the houses are getting less and less creative each year. O well, it's all about the fun times right?!

The Steel's said...

I am gonna say Christmas Village is Lame Sauce...next time lets just watch the grinch!

The Steel's said...

Maybe it would have been slightly cooler if my daughter wasn't being such a stink. Yikes!

The Millers said...

We use to go look at these when we were kids. Too bad there not very nice anymore.

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