Friday, December 12, 2008

Snowball Fight!

I think I'm in a snowy kind of mood today. I walked into Costco the other day and noticed these fantastic Snowball Launchers. You can get two there for about $39 (I think). I'm still debating on the purchase because of the fear I have for my daughter, but I know there is nothing G and his friends would love more.


A 'n D said...

this would be a fun hubby & brother gift!
sooo...i didn't say anything sunday, b/c we didn't know until 5:00 that day! it's been an absolutely insane week!!
anyhow - we'll at least be at church the 21st, since we're singing solos! crazy!
i'll email you & play some catch up... you still have the cradle?? i know i keep asking, but i really hope to look at it one of these days! maybe tuesday morning, if you'll be around?? i'll be in uintah for a preschool activity!

Mindi D said...

Between the sled and the snowball launcher i'm sure you will have some injury coming up! Ha ha just teasing those both look soo fun! Snow should be here tomorrow!!

The Steel's said...

I have to say I would fear more for your son or you...if you guys get hit with one of those there will be Drama! JK, that will be so fun! And what a great price!

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