Tuesday, July 6, 2010


We attented the "L" family reunion this past weekend in New Mexico. Dean's family is so big that we hardly ever all get together. It was so much fun to have all of his 8 other siblings there and most of the cousins. My kids loved getting to know the cousins they never see.

These girls loved each other so much. This was our trip to the sand dunes the first night. The kids had a blast. I have no idea what's in Gabe's teeth. Either sand or nacho cheese doritos. He ate some of both!

The Bar D in Durango

We took tons of family pics at the park which I am still waiting for, but these are just some cute ones of the kids and their cousins.


Laura said...

That is awesome! It so nice to get everyone together :) What a fun time!

The Steel's said...

I like all the pictures..where is the one? you know, with you clapping! It looks like a fun trip!

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