Sunday, August 15, 2010

Cousins Weekend

Kate and Tate got to come and spend a few days with us while mom and dad took a little trip. We did a ton of fun stuff and they all loved getting to have three sleepovers in a row. We love these kids so much and miss them already!

Walking on the parkway

Painting Swirly Stones

Kate and Paige are the best of friends and are so cute together

Sidewalk chalk paint

I think this was the highlight of the weekend. I'm a little sad the picture didn't turn out so well and I took it before they all got so wet. The firefighters were out practicing their water spraying techniques which they do every once in awhile in the church parking lot. Well, we are special enough to know Uncle Dane the Fireman so he pulled some strings and had them spray the water right on top of our house. Have you ever been sprayed by a fire hose? I would describe it as a monsoon. My house, yard, cars, dog, and children were DRENCHED! It was awesome!

Ice Treasure Hunts. Have you done these? If you want something to take up some time and keep your kids very busy, hide treasures in ice sculptures. They loved it.

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