Saturday, October 25, 2008

Housewife Swap

As I was folding my laundry tonight, I came up with a Brilliant Beyond Brilliant Idea. You see I SO MUCH DESPISE doing laundry. Sometimes I feel like I may die if I have to even look at it. Well, you know how they have the show Wife Swap. Well, what if we could somehow pull off a Housewife Chore Swap. I know there is someone out there who LOVES doing laundry, just as I love cleaning! Maybe you could come and do my laundry once a week and I could mop all your floors and clean all your windows for the rest of our lives! Just an idea. I'm sure it would never work because I don't know if I'd dare let any of you near all my "personables". Still, it would be nice.

*After I wrote this tonight me and Dean found all these funny pictures on Flikr called Death By Laundry. They made me laugh. At least I'm not the only one!


The Steel's said...

I will not trade you because I despise Laundry! And you know I love to clean as well, if you find two people call me! I will even clean toilets, unless they are men's only toilets.

Laura said...

I am right with you there. I HATE HATE HATE doing laundry. It will sit all washed in a basket for sometimes a week... its never ending... someone please HEEEELP!

Mindi D said...

I don't mind doing and folding the laundry, it's putting it away that I struggle with, so if you put your own away, i'm in! I HATE cleaning windows and baseboards! So there you have it, let swap! (you may need to do your own underwear, i'm not sure that's appropriate!) Tell Ash she can come clean my salon and i'll do her laundry too! That poor place NEVER gets attention! I think this is a GREAT idea! Ha Ha I wish!

The Millers said...

I feel your laundry pain! That is the one chore that I just can't stand!

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